90cm Armour Grey 86% Merino 16% Nylon- core spun nylon eyelet 160g- precut pieces

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Colour: Armour Grey

Fabric content: 86% New Zealand Merino wool and 16% polyester- don't be put off by the nylon. This makes the fabric more durable for active wear and sportswear when it is constantly being washed. Also it dries quicker. This is a core spun nylon fabric so it means the merino fibre is wound around the nylon core. The merino fibre is therefore on the outside of the thread and means this fabric looks and and feels like a 100% merino jersey knit but this one has eyelets.

This type of fabric can be used for active wear when you need cooling and ventilation as the small pin holes allow ariflow. You can use for a whole garment or for side panels or on sleeves.

Great fabric for when it is warmer or you need to keep cool when exercising.

Fabric weight: 160g

Width: 150cm.

Length: 90cm

Stretch: Yes has good 1 way stretch

Use: Lovely for baby wraps and swaddles. Tops, camisoles, singlets. baby wear, hats, beanies, cardigans, baby blankets, base layers, t shirts.

Machine washable on a wool cycle.